Why Brand Building is always Personal AND Business for Entrepreneurs

Brand Building

Business is marriage.

In a marriage, everything you do, even individual decisions you make, impact your marriage, and everything in your marriage impacts you as a person.

The same can be said for your business and its brand. As the founder or owner of a business, everything that goes on in your business reflects on you personally, and vice versa. Business owners often make the mistake of trying to separate their personal and business brands.

The only reason you should ever separate your two brands (personal and business) is if you have something to hide or aren’t fully committed to your business brand. By keeping them separate, you are forfeiting the benefit that one can have on the other.

For example, take the “sharks” from ABC’s Shark Tank. Each “shark” has both a personal and a business brand, if not several. When it comes time for a contestant to decide on which shark they want to work with, they don’t select Mark Cuban because he owns the Dallas Mavericks or Daymond John because he founded Fubu — they want to work with that individual because of their individual ability, network, and the potential they will bring to that specific company. Before they became sharks, they benefited because of the successful business empires they were associated with. Now, their personal accomplishments also bring attention back to their companies.

Building your business’ brand and your own brand provides credibility for you and your business as the founder. So when you’re looking at marketing your business, don’t immediately take yourself out of the picture. People connect with other people more than they connect with a business, logo, or a specific product you produce. Make sure you’re sharing your story and giving your customers a look at who is behind the brand they are supporting.

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