Introducing TrepRep



If you don’t find the right solution in the market – create it. Years after trying to find the best help and information as an entrepreneur trying to write and promote content to market my business, I’m creating what I believe will serve as the go-to place for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs looking for help with writing.

TrepRep is the home and launching pad of entrepreneurial content. Because of thegrowing importance and high ROI of content marketing, it has become a popular and essential tool. The personal and business brands of the world’s entrepreneurs now rely on providing valuable information to their fans, customers and others looking for this information. To help create and guide their efforts, TrepRep’s mission is to serve as the place where creativity, skill and experience go to work to build and promote the personal and business brands of entrepreneurs around the world.

Using my decade of experience and my passion as a writer and entrepreneur, I will bring my own unique and creative skills to content marketing for the benefit of entrepreneurs looking to improve their brand and business. I’m looking forward to this ride and hope you’ll join me!

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Michael Luchies is the Founder of TrepRep, Director of Content Programming forPursuit, Interview Editor for Under30CEO, Entrepreneurship Lecturer at Illinois State University, TEW 2 contributor, and writer of all things entrepreneurship. Connect with Michael on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.