Connecting with Your Target Market Through Blogging: Why and How

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Every customer goes on a journey before purchasing your product or service. The journey starts when he or she is first made aware of and interacts with your brand. This could include the customer hearing about your company from a friend, stumbling upon your website, or meeting you at a networking event.

As a business, your goal is to get as many qualified potential customers started on that journey, which is also referred to as a funnel. There are many stops during this journey, like stops along a road trip. Each “touchpoint,” which signifies a brand interaction with a potential customer, is a stop. Unlike a road trip where stops are delays, touchpoints help your customers get closer to the final destination — making a purchase.

During a recent Ask Me Anything session hosted on AMAfeed, I was asked, “Do you feel it’s really important for entrepreneurs and startups to have a blog?” The answer is both yes and no. It’s yes because there is an important aspect of your customer’s journey that can begin and be nurtured through blogging — creating a strong connection. It’s no because blogging isn’t the only way to create a strong connection.

“The important aspect of blogging that I do think every entrepreneur and startup needs to incorporate into their efforts is speaking to and connecting with their target market. Blogs are a great way to accomplish this, but not the only way by any means.”

When I started my first business in 2007, blogging was the only form of marketing I could afford because it was free to write and publicize the content on my own. That business, “Stubs4sale,” was in an odd niche within sports memorabilia and through blogging I saw a quick and significant impact.

I gave free, witten appraisals, leveraged blog posts to get published in magazines, and caught the attention of the National Ticket Summit, which I was asked to speak at in Las Vegas, all through writing blog posts. Each of these opportunities began with my passion for writing about topics I loved, which helped create strong connections.

If you love your business and enjoy writing, and have a little spare time you can dedicate to it, then yes, you should be blogging for your business. Outsourcing is also an option as well if you don’t want to spend your time writing, or would rather hire a professional to get your blog up and running. Just keep in mind that you will still need to give this writer your time and energy to allow them to write compelling content for the people you’re trying to attract to your business.

While blogging has become a key for me and my business due to how it’s allowed me to connect with customers, there are many ways to create strong connections, and you should choose ones that align with your strengths. Are you an amazing public speaker? Talk at events and host networking get togethers. Are you a natural born teacher? Create tutorial videos, online courses, and host webinars.

You don’t have to blog, but you absolutely need to connect with your target market. Blogging, along with social media and email marketing, is a great way to accomplish that.

In my Ask Me Anything, I also answered questions on personal ambitions and challenges, shared my own rules of thumb, and shared resources that have helped me in my career. View the full feed of questions and my answers here on AMAfeed.

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