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12 Things Every LinkedIn Post Needs

Want thousands of connections on LinkedIn and new leads in your inbox? Posting original articles effectively on LinkedIn can do all of that and more. Publishing on LinkedIn is like any other tool — it’s not very effective if you’re not using it right. Unlike a power saw, after publishing 160 days in a row, […]

6 Storytelling Murderers

Storytelling has been around for tens of thousands of years, but it’s currently in danger. There are story predators lurking around every corner taking some of the power away from this ancient form or communication and art. We have the ability to consume stories from around the world in an instant, but due to new habits […]

Q&A: How to Create Crazy Amounts of Content

how to create crazy amounts of content

Even I was skeptical when I decided to publish at least one article every single day of 2015. Although I write for entrepreneurs and companies on a daily basis; coming up with ideas to write from my own point of view and finding the time to write outside of normal work hours can be difficult. […]

7 Brilliant Ways to Use Content from Interviews

ways to use content from interviews

A significant part of my job as a writer and my primary function as Interview Editor for Under30CEO is to conduct interviews. The format of these range from asking a couple of questions about a specific topic to doing a 30-minute interview to gain enough information to write a full story. The key is almost […]

6 Steps to Publish Your First LinkedIn Post

6 steps to your first LinkedIn post

With an audience of over 187 million unique visitors a month, writing on LinkedIn allows your thoughts and expertise to reach a wide pool of professionals around the world. Content can help engage your current network and attract new connections that can benefit your career, personal life, and business. On January 1, I announced that […]

How to Create Your 15-Second Mini-Pitch


I’m Michael Luchies, an entrepreneurial writer, father of a one-year-old, and a big sports fan. Tell me a little bit about yourself. It’s a simplistic networking pitch, but the power of making an interesting first impression and building a foundation to start a conversation is extremely important when pitching yourself, an idea or a business. […]