About TrepRep

TREP entrepreneurial content

TrepRep turns your passion, expertise, and years of hard work into content that connects with customers. Because of the growing importance and high ROI of content marketing, it has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. The personal and business brands of the world’s entrepreneurs now rely on providing valuable information to fans, customers, partners, and others looking for information.

To help create and guide your efforts, TrepRep’s mission is to build and promote the personal and business brands of entrepreneurs around the world, increasing reach, sales, and accomplishing their desired level of success, starting with communicating a unified and powerful message with content.

Michael Luchies, Founder


Michael’s passion is helping others maximize the potential of their personal and business brands. Michael has spent the last decade in entrepreneurship and journalism. After graduating from Bradley University with a degree in entrepreneurship, Michael assisted in leading the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO). After working with thousands of young entrepreneurs, he set out to help expand the vision of entrepreneurs and small businesses through the art of storytelling, content marketing, and branding. Michael is also a TEDx alumni. Connect with Michael on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


View Michael Luchies TEDx Talk, “The Importance of Being an Unselfish Storyteller.”