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Michael Luchies is one of the best and most forward thinking writers I’ve seen when it comes to the entrepreneurial world. There’s very few writers that define the phrase “Entrepreneurial Spirit” and Michael is one of the lucky few.

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Since I began working with Michael, I have developed so much more confidence in my own writing. He has helped to improve the quality of my online and offline marketing materials. As I am working through my first book project, I feel a profound sense of comfort knowing that he is on my team.


Building a brand relies on quality content. Michael and TrepRep helps me keep on a consistent schedule and publish content weekly.

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Since working with TrepRep, my personal brand + author brand has taken a great turn. We are delighted with the copywriting and tagline creation that Mike has done for us. I would certainly recommend his work to my graphic design and web clients any day of the week.

Insights from Michael

The 8 Characteristics of a Perfect Tagline: Picking the Right Motto or Slogan for Your Small Business

8 Characteristics of Great Taglines

The first time you ever hear of a business, what do you remember about that business? The name, their logo, and the feeling we developed about the company during our interaction, right? Well, that feeling, whether positive or negative, comes from a combination of that business’s messaging and the way they present it. One of […]

The Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Originally Published by TrepRep Founder Michael Luchies on KahunaAccounting.com What’s the difference between a coach and a mentor? If you answered “I don’t know,” you’re not alone. In my time working with thousands of young entrepreneurs while managing the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization, students sought out coaches and mentors to get their questions answered and their […]